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Project Tools, kNowledge, Techniques (PTNT)

Everyone has projects because it’s a project-based economy.

If you don’t develop your project skills when faced with unavoidable challenges and change and the problems these bring, you will be less resilient, more susceptible to making faulty decisions, and become frustrated.

I help you navigate your project life so that you:

  • keep tracking,

  • keep trusting, and

  • keep treasure hunting. 

NAVIGATE ... using Project Tools, kNowledge, and Techniques (PTNT) because they are proven.  

We use Project In GOals (PiNGO) - a set of Tools, kNowledge, and Techniques (TNT) designed to help you navigate your projects in goals. Why? Because goals are a project and goals are made up of projects. Thus, these are basic best practices of the best of the best.  


You will experience sessions that are PRACTICAL and FUN and can be CUSTOMIZED to serve you and your needs as a coaching session, break-out, work-shop, or happy hour for a project launch.  

  • PiNGO is a Tool... used to launch project teams and workshops.   

  • PiNGO, is a Map... helps participants understand the context and the details of working towards a goal.

  • PiNGO, is a Step-by-Step System.

Like a checklist, a cheat sheet, or a guide, PiNGO Tools, kNowledge, and Techniques are used to help you navigate your project life as a treasure hunt. 

SCHEDULE a FREE session to see how a treasure chest of resources is gained from years of diverse experience and be used to educate, motivate, and inspire.


Free Treasures...

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