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Project Tools, kNowledge, Techniques

Everyone has projects because it’s a project-based economy.


If people don’t develop their project skills, when faced with change and their problems they will be less resilient, more susceptible to making faulty decisions and become frustrated. I help frustrated people navigate their project life so that they:

- keep tracking,

- keep trusting, and

- keep treasure hunting.

NAVIGATE your PROJECT LIFE... using Project Tools, kNowledge, and Techniques (PTNT).

NAVIGATE your PROJECT LIFE...  also using PiNGO -Projects In GOals- methods because projects have goals and goals have projects. 


Methods are based on globally recognized best-practices.  Learn secrets from Teresa's treasure chest of  PTNT gained from over 21 years as a Project Professional. Teresa Newton-Terres will educate, motivate and inspire you with real world experience in a Project Life.

Sessions are both PRACTICAL and FUN and customized to serve you and your needs -kids from (7-107)- as a Coaching session or for your group as a break-out, work-shop, project-launch, happy-hour, full-day, or weekend-retreat using:

  • PiNGO a Tool... used to launch project teams and workshops.  As participants jump into performance in the  

  • PiNGO  a Map...   helps participants to understand both the context and the details of working towards a goal.

  • PiNGO  a Step-by-Step System ...  ensures participants use workshop time effectively.  As participants leave  with one game plan completed for the successful attainment of your goal.  And they gain the resources and knowledge to continue navigating because it's a PROJECT LIFE.

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