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Teresa Newton-Terres (TNT) knows about success and significance in the real world

About Story & Presenter

 “A fantastic tale!” 
-- B.B. Santa Barbara Dolphin Family Sculptor
“I just finished the book in 24 hours. An incredible story, so tenderly and captivatingly written.”  
– S.R. Award Wining Quilter
“I had surgery… Next to the bed was your book ...I never put it down. What a remarkable journey and life story. You faced obstacle after obstacle yet kept your eyes on the prize. And the way the Lord was prevalent throughout was just so uplifting!”
- R.F. CEO/Actress at Franchione Family and Acclaim Talent, Inc.
“Your book helped me understand about you and to some extent myself.”
-R.S. Lockheed Firefighter

“My husband took book on his recent work trip to DC. His comment over the phone was that it was 'a real page turner'. I was a bit miffed that he wanted to read and not talk to me.  Upon his return he said that I should read it. …What a wonderful book! I’ll be passing it on for others to enjoy!” 
-- M. U. mother of six and Limelight Beauty Consultant

"...The author conducted forensic research culminating in impeccable attention to detail. The story was easy to read and captivating. The empathy shown to the families of the other men lost at sea on the Marie was wonderful. The commemoration was well planned and well received by all in attendance. I look forward to reading more."
-- M.C., Soldier (ret)

"The instructor was dedicated and fun to interact with.  Learned a lot due to instructor's direct and personal teaching techniques." US Navy Tactical Training Range

"The best thing about this course was the way that Teresa kept everyone involved. I found the class very interesting and informative. I would take another class with Teresa if a more advanced level was offered."  Washington Mutual

“Dynamic, focused, knowledgeable, fun”  US Navy’s Tactical Training Range


“Outstanding presentation with enough energy to keep everyone involved and interested.”  US Navy’s Tactical Training Range


"I got quite a bit from the course that has already helped me in dealing with my current project." Rare Medium


"This course is a good "holistic" PM/MS-Project class."  Blue Cross Blue Shield


"The best thing about this course was seeing how it can benefit our project - very helpful."  Social Security Administration /Office of Hearings and Appeals


"This has been a very, very useful experience for me individually and as a member of the team.  Teresa's individual support was so very helpful and encouraging.  This course and her involvement have been wonderful.  I am sincere about the ratings -- deserves a 5+."  Social Security Administration /Office of Hearings and Appeals


"Materials were comprehensive and well thought out -- nice packet."  The Toro Company


"The "Bridge" software alone was worth the price of admission.  Teresa, unlike other instructors, actually kept me awake.  She had a very good stage presence."  Computype


"The best thing about this course was the mix of soft skills (Project Management.) with software skills (MS Project & Bridge software.)."  Zinpro Corporation


"Great instructor - she gave really good examples in order to keep us understand/relate to what we were doing."  AT&T


"Teresa was great!  High energy, well prepared and made the class fun!"  AT&T


"The best thing about this course was learning more about MS Project and applying it to my project.  The videos/visual presentation were a nice touch.  It helped break up the computer work, yet still enforced the class objectives and learning's."  AT&T


"This was a must-have course for me.  Thanks, I needed it."  AT&T


"The house video was an excellent driver of how important planning, documenting and communicating is…. overall a very beneficial class."  AT&T


"Down to earth style of teaching with the tremendous amount of material."  TRANE


"The best thing about this course was using our own project throughout the course to build on."  ExecuTrain of Lexington


"The best thing about this course was an instructor that knew how to teach."  TRANE


"The best thing about this course was: instructor was very helpful and very enthusiastic, forms to track progress, focus form, change form, etc."  Pacific Care

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