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Life is a Treasure Hunt for Teresa Newton-Terres (TNT). Teresa's writings draw from true stories -- to include experiences with wooden boats, wooden buildings, wooden boxes, beeswax, and navigating change in the stormy sea of life.


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The Mystery of the Marie

Memoir of how my childhood tragedy surfaced a Cold War secret. ReadMore

Hope for Wounded Hearts

"My Angel Wears Pearls," included in Hope for Wounded Hearts: True Stories to Strengthen Your Weary Soul; page 211, published by Christian Writers For Life (CWFL), 2024. SeeMore

Experiencing God's Presence

"A Tale of Two Hearts," included in Experiencing God's Presence: True Stories of Miraculous Moments with God; page 17, published by Christian Writers For Life (CWFL), 2024. SeeMore

Mother: What My Mother Taught Me About Life, Love, and Faith!

"Sometimes, A Mother Needs to Make a Ruckus," included in Mother: What My Mother Taught Me About Life, Love, and Faith! published by Christain Writers For Life, 2023. SeeMore

Discovering Again The Gift of Christmas

"An Ideal Christmas Day: Dolphin saved, sheep fed, manger moment envisioned" included in Discovering Again The Gift of Christmas, Christain Writers For Life, page 181, 2023. SeeMore

Triumph from Tragedy

"The Shipwreck" included in Triumph from Tragedy: Personal Stories of Struggle, Courage, Hope, and Victory, Christain Writers For Life, page 33, 2021. SeeMore



Researching and Writing Family Stories and Histories

Researching and Writing Family Stories and Histories,” Teresa Newton-Terres included in Christian Writers for Life Digest, August 2023, page 26-31. SeeMore

Art of the Forest Rangers

“Art of the Forest Rangers,” Ancestors West, A quarterly publication for the Santa Barbara County Genealogy Society, Summer 2023, Vol. 48, No.2., page 25-28.  SeeMore

Images in History "Letter to the Author"

“Images in History,” Letter to the author Gary Pilecki, The Journal of Diving History, Second Quarter 2023, Volume 31, Number 115, page 47. SeeMore

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