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Award Winning
Author & Project Professional

Teresa Newton-Terres believes life is a Treasure Hunt!  Teresa is passional about helping frustrated people navigate their project life because every family has secrets. Even “families” of Government, Education, Industry and Espionage. But, not everyone's includes a shipwreck.

When somebody doesn’t understand their past -family story- it may lead to feelings of being unanchored, adrift, or caught in a whirlpool of emotions with unanswered questions. And they may feel ambivalent or powerless to resolve the unresolved. They may mistrust the authorities that are meant to provide security. This may lead to frustration and faulty decisions.

I wrote about my family secret in the Mystery of the Marie because everyone deserves an opportunity to understand how to live with the tension of accepting what they can’t change and having the courage to change what they can and trust God with the journey because, “Everything belongs to God, and I can only be a responsible steward of my talents, treasures, and trials.” (Mystery of the Marie)


Life is a Treasure Hunt

I believe “life is a treasure hunt” because everyone has projects as it’s a project-based economy. If people don’t develop their project skills, when faced with change they will be less resilient, more susceptible to making faulty-decisions and become frustrated.

Keep Tracking,
Keep Trusting,
Keep Treasure Hunting

I write, advocate, and speak about achieving project success so that you will accept what you can't change and have the courage to change what you can to keep tracking, keep trusting, and keep treasure hunting.

If the path to navigating projects is clear, people will be more resilient and gain their greatest treasures by accepting the past, making wise decisions in the present, and leave a legacy with treasures.

Life is a treasure hunt and, I believe, God is the pearl to the greatest treasure.



Teresa is passionate about helping frustrated people navigate their project life.



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