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Everyone has family secrets.


Especially the "families" of government, industry, and education. But not everyone’s involved a shipwreck, a submarine, and kidnapping.

Memoir of how my childhood tragedy surfaced a Cold War secret.

60th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Available wherever books are sold.

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What's in it for you?

Some Will...

Enjoy the



the yet untold story.

Some Will...

Learn of the


tracing from Pearl Harbor through the Cold War

to modern day events.

Some Will...

Observe a


of a child’s unresolved issues that mature

into an adult’s perspective

and seeks to heal

other’s hearts.

Praise for



— B. B., 

Santa Barbara Dolphin Family Sculptor

“A fantastic tale!” 

Whos it for

Who is this book for?

Mystery of the Marie, 60th Anniversary Extended Edition is a page-turning memoir that connects a national news events from June 1960 to an intimate personal story from modern times. If you like government intrigue, captivating suspense, and brave crusaders for truth, then you'll love this inspiring account of an untold

true story.



Available wherever books are sold.

About the author

About the Authors

Teresa Newton-Terres


TERESA NEWTON-TERRES, PMP® is an author, speaker and Project Management Professional. Lately, Teresa is best know as the author of a hot aerospace cold case story, the MYSTERY OF THE MARIE: memoir of my childhood tragedy that surfaced a Cold War mystery. Raised on the West Coast, educated in the Mid West, and served students at the University of California at Santa Barbara for ten years before she fell in love with an officer and a gentleman. At that time, her love affair serving projects and project teams began, too. Thus, Teresa's memoir began as a simple treasure hunt project. Teresa feels most alive when she is by the ocean, in the mountains, in view of a river, putting for par, and with her family and grandchildren in AR, CA, FL, HI, MO, Ireland, London and Spain building a legacy that matters.

James Pence

JAMES H. PENCE is a man of many talents.

He’s a performance chalk artist, singer, speaker, published author, editor & collaborator, and in all his spare time he teaches karate, writing, and art to home schooled children. Jim has been called a “Renaissance man,” but he prefers to be known simply as a follower of Jesus Christ and a storyteller. Jim is the author or co-author of over nine books. 

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About the Story

About the book

MYSTERY OF THE MARIE: My Childhood Tragedy That Surfaced a Cold War Secret -- 60th Anniversary Extended Edition.


She grew up in the shadow of a mystery. Teresa Newton-Terres never knew her dad.


Losing him when she was only two, she lived with unresolved grief for almost fifty years. But when a dusty scrapbook hidden by her grandmother lands on her doorstep, she plunges into an abyss to uncover the story. In 1960, an eminent physicist and six other men including Newton-Terres' father left on a covert Raytheon-related underwater communications experiment. They never returned, and their converted landing craft, The Marie, vanished. After learning only four bodies were recovered and her father's not among them, Newton-Terres kept a flicker of hope alive.

In a passionate search that exposes black-ops secrecy and classified red tape, this courageous book reveals how a U.S. defense project coverup still has lasting repercussions for all the affected families. Showcasing careful forensic research and impeccable attention to detail, Newton-Terres offers a deep dive into her fearless quest for the truth and the inner joy she found. Mystery of the Marie: My childhood tragedy that surfaced a Cold War secret is a page-turning memoir that connects a national news event to an intimate personal story. If you like government intrigue, captivating suspense, and brave crusaders for truth, then you'll love Teresa Newton-Terres and James H. Pence's inspiring account of this true and untold story.

Included in this special edition is the original story (released 2017), edited and updated, along with the first three chapters (19,000 words) of the next part of the story. 


Buy the Mystery of the Marie, 60th Anniversary Expanded Edition, and help surface the truth today!

Hardback:  ISBN-13: 978-0979144769 

Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-0979144752

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